Hi there and welcome to my blog. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you will find something here to amuse or provoke thought whilst you wait for that coffee to cool. I’m a self-professed expert in coffeeing….yup, new word. Vb: to coffee. The art of frequenting and seeking out cafés and coffee experiences with atmosphere and flavour. Musicians are especially adept at this. Whether it is the pre rehearsal dose of caffeine to prepare the brain for hundreds of notes flying past (and hoping you might catch a percentage of them), or the rehearsal break cuppa we’ve all been visualising since page 2. Not forgetting the post rehearsal slump over the nutty brew as you mentally pick up the hurdles you metaphorically sent crashing to the ground.

Coffee is my moment, the time when I reflect and observe, especially when I’m travelling. And as I…..ahem….get older (slightly), I seem to be flooded with such observations, questions and curiosity. So, bear with me. I will be writing about life from my perspective within a busy, touring orchestra …..and as a British expat, citizen of Europe, with a fascination for language. Join me for the journey! Oh…and better make that coffee to go.



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